First of all, thank you for being a Range Watcher. White Horse is a non-profit organization and the money for operation of the range comes from donations, range badge fees, shooting match fees and an occasional grant from the NRA. Everyone associated with the range is a volunteer. If it were not for volunteer range watchers like you, White Horse would not be able to remain open and be able to promote the shooting sports. 

Information & Tips

  • GATE COMBINATION & BUILDING KEY - If you are a Range Watcher you already know where to get them.  
  • KEY BOX - The key box mounted on wall behind desk in the office has every key you will need except for the two Brassmasters’ buildings. Keys are labeled as to what they are for. Return any keys you use during your watch to where you got them. 
  • BRASSMASTERS - Brassmasters’ building keys are in a combination box on the door of the building & all members know the combination.
  • FLAGS - Put up American flag & WV State flag when you open range and take down before you leave. Flags are kept in top right hand drawer in the gray secretary cabinet under front window. Fold up neatly and put away DRY FLAGS ONLY. If flags are wet or damp, drape them over table to dry overnight.  
  • PHONE - The phone number at the range is (304) 623.6093. Local calls ONLY.  Keep all calls to a minimum as they cost the range $0.07 per minute. Toll free calls and incoming calls are at no cost.
  • RED FLAG - Fly the RED FLAG at the 600 yard line anytime someone is downrange from the 600 yard line for any reason (working in pits, cutting grass, shooting, etc.)
  • RANGE WATCHER LOGBOOK - The log book is located on the desk in a binder. Please fill out a new log for your day at the range. The log is self-explanatory and there is a sample in the front of the binder.
  • PUBLIC RANGE - The public range is free to everyone.
  • INSURANCE - The WV DNR insurance covers ONLY THE PEOPLE at the public range.
  • PUBLIC RANGE SHOOTERS - Public range shooters must provide their own targets. White Horse does not provide targets for the public range, only cardboard backers as needed.  White Horse sells targets at the office at a cost of $0.25 each.
  • CARDBOARD BACKERS -  Public range cardboard backers are in the 600 yard building. The key to the building is in the key box.

Fees, range badge holders, Brassmaster members, daily use fees, insurance release forms, and target information

  • RANGE BADGE HOLDERS – Check in and out with range watcher. The names of all range badge holders are located in desk drawer in green folder.  Range badge holder rules and range badge applications are also located in the white binder on the range watcher desk.   
  • RANGE BADGE COST - $60.00 per year starting the day the badge is purchased. 
  • NON RANGE BADGE FEES - Daily fee of $10.00 per shooter, not per gun.  
  • 1000 YARD RANGE SHOOTING - If shooting 1000 yards on Friday before the IBS 1000 yard match, check the schedule. Cost is $10. 
  • JUNIOR SHOOTERS - Junior shooters can shoot at no cost for practice only. 
  • RANGE WATCHER RANGE BADGE - As a Range Watcher you have a daily range badge and may shoot anywhere you want, except the 1000 yard line. Shooting from 1000 yard line rules apply (see above point).  
  • BRASSMASTER RANGES - Area directly across the road from office and the Cowboy Action Range (to the left of the 200 &300 yard line) is open to Brassmasters’ members.  
  • NON BRASSMASTER MEMBERS - Daily fee for non Brassmasters’ members is $10.00. Shooter may only shoot on the two hand range (range to the left of the pistol building) and  must provide their own target.  
  • BRASSMASTER COWBOY ACTION RANGE – Targets are mild steel and ONLY lead bullets can be used. No jacketed bullets.  
  • BRASSMASTER APPLICATIONS - Brassmaster applications are located in office. Membership is $36.00 per year or $50 Family per year (January thru December). Cost will be prorated by month after January.  
  • TARGETS – The 200, 300 and 600 yard targets are kept in the pit can. Range badge holders and/or daily pay shooters get ONE target per day provided by White Horse. Additional targets may be purchased by the shooters. 
  • CARDBOARD BACKERS Range badge building (located to far right behind pits) has cardboard for 200, 300 & 600 yard shooters.

Special Instructions

  • INSURANCE RELEASE - Have all non-public range shooters (everyone other than those using  public range) fill out and sign an Insurance Release form located in the office on the desk in a binder.  The form is good for one year from signing. Retain the completed form in the office. 
  • PROBLEM SHOOTERS / VISITORS - If you have problems with anyone, someone is damaging the  property, or there is unsafe gun handling going on, stay calm and speak in a calm voice. Treat people with respect and explain the rules and safety procedures for White Horse. If the problem is not corrected, get their license plate numbers, make, model and color of vehicle and a description of people involved (as best as you can). Call 911 and ask for Barbour County Sheriff.

127 White Horse Lane
Philippi WV 26416

GPS Coordinates
39°07'11.8"N 80°12'54.0"W
(39.119944, -80.215000)



(304) 623-6093 

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