1.  NO fully automatic firearms.

  2.  NO 50 Caliber or Incendiary Rounds may be fired at any time.

  3NO ALCOHOL  —  No drinking before coming to the range, and no drinking while on range property.

  4.  All bullets must impact DIRECTLY into the backstop.

  5.  Read and obey all posted and/or written range rules.




  1.  The chamber is empty.

  2.  The internal magazine is empty, or a removable magazine has been removed.

  3.  The action is open:  bolts back, slides back, cylinders open, break-open guns are broke open, lever-action guns have the lever down.

  4.  If an action will not stay open then insert a piece of wood or a spent cartridge case to keep it open.



(The first three are NRA basic gun safety rules.)


  1.  Always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction:  at the ground or toward the target when on an outdoors range.

  2.  Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  3.  Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

  4.  Guns are kept in a safe condition until you are ready to address the target.

  5.  Do not handle or even touch a gun while anyone is down range.  This includes, but is not limited to:  cleaning it, adjusting sights, taking to the firing line, or removing it from the firing line.




  1.  To change a target or post a new one  —  request that the line be made safe.

  2.  Let your fellow shooter finish his current “string” of shots before attempting to make the line safe.

  3.  Once your gun is safe, move an arm’s length back from it and the bench.

  4.  Verify that the line is safe.

  5.  Let all shooters go forward to repair or replace targets.

  6.  Remind those staying on the firing line that they can not touch their guns while anyone is down range.

  7.  Verify that everyone is back on the firing line.

  8.  To resume firing  —  “Make the line hot.”

  9. Before the first shot is fired, you may have to remind others to put their hearing protection on.  This is a common courtesy.




  __  Gun(s) (of course)

  __  Proper ammunition for that gun(s)

  __  Eye protection

  __  Hearing protection

  __  Targets

  __  Staple gun and extra staples

  __  Screwdriver(s) and/or hex key(s) for iron sight, scope ring, and scope adjustments.

  __  Binoculars for viewing hits at 25 yards or less, or a spotting scope for distances out to 100 yards or more  —  less wear and tear on you and fellow shooters.

  __  WATER  —  any time of year as there is no drinking water at the Center.


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