The use of the Public Range is being provided to you at no cost by the White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center, Inc.  The Center's property is leased from the WV Division of Natural Resources (DNR).  WV provides no funding for the Public Range.


The other ranges require a use fee.  The fees allow access to all non-public ranges (Rifle, Pistol, and Silhouette (currently under construction)) for either a day, or a year.


Daily            $10    Payable at Range Office

Full Season  $60    Must complete Range Badge Application. Season is April 1-December 31


The full season badgemust be worn at all times. 


Range badge applications can be obtained in the office or on this website (see below).

Make check payable to: White Horse Center

Mail completed application with check to the White Horse Center's address that can be found on the "Contact Us" page.


Facilities are available to groups for a range fee.


NOTE: See “Range Badge Holder Rules” below


Click here <—(to download and/or print a PDF version of the range badge application.)

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May 7, 2018

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White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center, Inc.
Peeltree, WV

You must check in at the office with the Range Safety Office before using competitive ranges.

You must check out with the Range Safety Officer when you leave the range.

Anyone must install the “RANGE CLOSED” signs in their proper place, if you are going to shoot or work down range of the 600 yd. line & change them back when finished.

Anyone must fly the RED FLAG if you are going to shoot downrange of the 600 yd. line. Please remove the flag when finished and return it to the office.

You may shoot anywhere on the range with the exception of Brassmasters Pistol Range and the Cowboy Action Range.

All ranges are first come first serve (Example: You may not shoot at 300 yards if someone before you is shooting at 200 yards).

You may have a non-shooting guest.

Anyone shooting on a competitive range MUST have a range badge (daily or annual badge). (Example: 2 shooters – 2 Range Badges required= 2 Range Badges required 2 shooters and non-shooter).

Other endeavors override Range Badges. (Example: Working in the pits, Military on the range, working on the yard lines, shooting matches, etc.).

No shotguns.

You must use targets in the target frames or gongs.

Anyone under the age of 16 may shoot for free on a competitive range while being with a Range Badge holder. The Range Badge holder is responsible for the conduct and safety of the youth.

Targets, if needed, will be furnished to Range Badge holders. The targets will be limited in number per day.

Changes to these rules may be made as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

											Modified 6/14/ 2017
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